Monday, March 25, 2013

Ophthalmic Instruments And Their Uses

Eye doctors make use of Ophthalmic instruments that are known to treat different kinds of eye diseases. The instruments are important in order to properly perform the eye tests. With the aid of the Ophthalmic instruments, the doctors will be able to give diagnosis to the conditions of the eye, as well as give some insights about the kinds of ailments that affect our eyes.

The eye conditions will be identified by the eye doctor with the help of the various kinds of Ophthalmic instruments. Below are the very common Ophthalmic instruments:

People usually make use of a common and famous ophthalmic instrument called the Ophthalmoscope. For more information about Ophthalmic Instruments, follow the link. This is utilized to check the retina of the eye, and this Ophthalmic instrument is among the very important ones used by ophthalmologists. This ophthalmic instrument is made available in two designs called the indirect and direct design. In the indirect design, it included a headband fixed to it and a handheld instrument which has the lens, while the direct design includes a combination of lens and light in a single piece. A good view of the retina and pupils that are dilated will be checked by the indirect ophthalmoscope.

The phoropter or the refractor equipment is a needed instrument utilized by doctors that includes the refractor equipment which is usually utilized to measure the prescription of glasses. This instrument is a bit costly but the used instruments are truly useful and effective.

In order to diagnose a disease of the cornea, the instrument used is the keratometer. This is used to measure the curvature of the eyes and the cornea's shape.

The handheld ophthalmic instrument is called that retinoscope which can evaluate the strengths of the prescription.

A cornea map will be made with the use of the Keratometer and the Topographer together.

The slit lamp bio microscope is the ophthalmic instrument utilized to examine the front structures of the eye.
An exam chair is also among the ophthalmic instruments needed for the patients to be sitting during the exam. It is important to select chairs that are comfortable and with high quality even if they are somewhat expensive. Chairs with reclining features and pedals for the foot are also sold in the shops over the Internet.

The chart projector is an ophthalmic instrument that is commonly used which displays signs and letters on the screen to examine the patient's eye sight.

The ophthalmic instrument that will measure the pressure of the eye and diagnose glaucoma is the tonometer.

There are a lot of ophthalmic instruments being sold on the Internet that will be useful to you be worth your money. Take a look at the information about Ophthalmic Technicians. Used and discounted instruments are being utilized by so many business companies. Wonderful ophthalmic instruments are being marketed by the Internet nowadays. Efficient ophthalmic instruments are needed in order to provide the clients with comfort. It is good to learn about ophthalmic instruments by looking at reliable sources such as the Internet and other good sources.


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